Pain in the Lower Left Side of Back: When Need to Worry?

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Pain in the lower left side of the back could be caused by a variety of problems that occur in the structure of tissues and organs around the left side of the body.

When the body is getting older, the bones will be more fragile, and the muscle will decrease its strength. Pain in the lower left side of back can come any time and hard to avoid.

Lower left side back pain could spread to other areas of the body such as buttocks, groin, upper thigh, and legs, regardless of the causes.


Symptoms of pain in the lower-left side of the back

Anyone can experience this back pain. Symptoms that can appear on the lower left side include:

  • Pain getting worse if we move
  • Pain sometimes accompanied by tingling or numbness in the buttocks or legs
  • Limited range of motion when bending and leaning
  • Pain radiating to the thigh or leg; this pain can lead to difficulty walking.
  • The muscles around the spine could experience cramping or painful spasm, and causing a sense of stiff at the waist.


What are the causes of lower left side back pain?

Several conditions can cause the left side lower back pain. The most frequent is the result of a sudden movement or when the body is in not a proper position while lifting heavy objects.

However, left side back pain can be caused by a disease that occurs in internal organs such as kidney stones and colon inflammation.

Other things that can cause left side lower back pain include:

Muscles tense

Excessive activity or unusual movements can be stressful. If there is a sudden movement of the back, then the muscle and the spine could be strained. This will make the muscle stressed and even torn.

Common symptoms of a strained muscle are pain and stiffness in the waist. These conditions could subside and recovered after sufficient rest and physiotherapy.


Sciatica is caused by the pressed nerves that connect the spinal cord and the nerves that connecting legs. This condition can happen if there is a shift in the cushion of a nerve in the spine. Or it can occur due to spinal damage that leads to pinched nerves.


One of the general characteristics of the sciatica is the tingling sensation following an unbearable pain radiating from the waist to the left or right hips and feet.

Spinal stenosis

Narrowing of the spine that causes compression in the spinal cord is called spinal stenosis. Pressure on the spinal cord due to spinal stenosis can cause a numbing, cramps, and weakness in any part of the body. But it depends on which nerves are compressed.

Generally, the symptoms will develop worse when standing or walking. The leading cause of spinal stenosis is deteriorating vertebral column due to aging. Then, the soft cushion around the spinal cord compresses the nerves and finally led to pains.

Kidney stones

Because of its location close to the waist, problems in the kidneys, such as kidney stones, can cause pain in the lower left side of : back.

Furthermore, pain due to the kidney stone will be felt so intense, and taking place between the bottom rib and pelvis.

Physical injury

Damage to the muscle and bone of the left around the waist can also cause pain in the lower left side of the back.

These complaints generally perceived to occur later after the injury.
It could be due to pelvic bone fractures or the damaged muscle around the left waist.


What causes lower left side back pain in women?

In women, some other conditions that may affect the appearance of pain in the lower left back are:

  • Ovarian cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids of the uterus tissue growth
  • Pregnancy


When to see a doctor?

Although in most cases, pain in the lower left side of back can heal by itself, some conditions still require a doctor’s examination.

Signs and symptoms of left-sided low back pain that need to get an immediate medical examination and treatment as soon as possible include:

  • Difficulty to control urination and defecation
  • Paralysis or numbness in the waist and legs
  • Reduced mass (size) and muscle strength in both legs
  • Fever
  • Difficulty when walking or standing

In summary

Although pain in the lower left side of back looks like unimportant, you should consult a doctor if the pain occurs in a few days or accompanied by the symptoms above.

After performing a physical examination, the doctor will support and provide handling to address complaints and severity of the pain.



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